leopoldia life+ schoolAction E5 has begun with Educational Activities in schools. The didactic itinerary thought for elementary, secondary and upper schools of the area of Vittoria and Gela, will last three years and some letters of intent have been signed with some schools, such as the Istituto Comprensivo San Biagio, Istituto Agrario e Scuola elementare “F. Traina”, all included in the area of Vittoria.

The didactic activities will comprehend visits to the SCIs (Sites of Community Interest, such as Biviere of Gela, Pino D’Aleppo Reserve, Randello Cave, and so on) and to the experimental fields of the demo lot and of the sustainable greenhouse, with practical activities. Moreover, we will organize preparatory meetings in the classrooms, exploration visits on fields for the observation of flora and fauna and a final phase of data and materials re-elaboration. To the students we will hand out Didactic Notebooks containing some Observation Sheets to be filled during the excursions, and a Kit of disclosure materials about the Project.

For further information it’s possible to contact us at or at the following number: +39 3664520644.

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