The expected series of conferences planned for LIFE+ Leopoldia project, finally begin!

LIFE+ is the main financial instrument of the European Union to support the environment through which projects as environmental and nature conservation are co-financed.

The LIFE+ Leopoldia project ,specifically, is aimed at restoring the dune system of the Gulf of Gela for the Protection of Leopoldia gussonei, priority species present worldwide exclusively in this area. To achieve this objective it is necessary to convert the existing agricultural system, the first economic driving force of this area, in order to make it compatible with the natural resources conservation, by reducing and  making more efficient surfaces that are covered by greenhouses in natural areas, but at the same time is very important  maintaining high the agriculture profitability by adopting new methods.

The participation is free! Will be recognized education credits in relation to the institution to which they belong.

For info and reservations contact the secretariat at 0039 3664520644 or by mail at

Follow us on where you will can soon download the full program of the conference!

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