The partners who take part to Life+ Leopoldia Project are:

University of Catania, DIGESA Department

Università di CataniaThe Department for Management of Food and Agricultural Industry (DiGeSa) aims to realize high quality scientific research with relevant social economical impact, and at organize classes and other didactic activities with highly innovative contents and educational purposes, in accordance with actual demands of society and of the labour market.
The DiGeSa Department has got suitable didactical structures, equipped and modern laboratories and three significant libraries.
Inside this Department is located an ECDL-GIS Test Center, which organizes classes on Local Informative Systems for the acquisition of the European Certification.

Local Department of the Public Utility for State Forests

Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste DemanialiThis is a public utility operating on the whole Region through Provincial Offices and other organizations. Its function consists of guaranteeing, through various activities, a technical-administrative management of State Forest Properties and the conservation of biodiversity.

LIPU – Supervisor Authority of Biviere Lake in Gela

logo lipuThe Italian League for Birds Protection (LIPU) is an association of environmental protection recognized by the Environment Ministry, Moral Authority recognized by the President of the Italian Republic, Onlus Association (a no-profit association with social purposes).
It’s an Authority that can make scientific researches, included in the National Register Office of Research at the Ministry for University and Scientific-Technological Research, and is the Italian Representative of BirdLife International.
Biviere Lake in Gela, due to its geographical position and climate conditions, is one of the most important Sicilian wetlands for thousands of birds resting here during migrations or wintering during the coldest months. For these reasons the Biviere Lake (the biggest Sicilian coast lake and one of the few natural lakes remaining) has been recognized as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention. In order to protect and conserve this rich natural heritage, the District of Sicily has created in 1997 the “Biviere di Gela” Natural Reserve under the supervision of LIPU for its national and international experience in natural areas conservation.

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