The expected series of conferences planned for LIFE+ Leopoldia project, finally begin! LIFE+ is the main financial instrument of the European Union to support the environment through which projects as environmental and nature conservation are co-financed. The LIFE+ Leopoldia project ,specifically, is aimed at restoring the dune system of the Gulf of Gela for the Protection … Continue reading

Proposal for a sustainable development model: Leopoldia Project

At the Biviere Lake in Gela, under a spring sun, the Convention about the Opening of Life Leopoldia Project has taken place during the UNESCO Week of Education for Sustainable Development 2012, with the title “A Strategy for the Sustainability of the Coastal Areas of the Gulf of Gela: Leopoldia LIFE+ Project 2011”. Life+ Program is … Continue reading

Life Leopoldia Project and UNESCO Week

The Natural Reserve Biviere of Gela is going to offer the suitable location for a European Convention about protection of Coastal Areas. This Convention will take place on Sunday, 25th of November at 11:00 at the headquarters of the Managing Authority of the Natural Reserve Biviere of Gela.