The project previews three kinds of actions: A, B, C, D, E, F.

A. Preparatory Actions

Action A.1 Establishment of a Project’s technical-scientific Coordination Structure and development of the Action Plan

Action A.2 Preliminary environmental, ecological, naturalistic studies and researches about dune habitats status in the target sites and recognition of a pilot area

Action A.3Preliminary, ultimate and executive planning of habitats reinstatement and dunes fruition interventions.

Action A.4 Demo plan of an ecological agricultural lot with greenhouse

Action A.5 Competitive bids for intervention’s planning and execution

100 %

B. Ground purchase

Action B.1 Re-bordering of State properties

Action B.2 Ground acquisition

80 %

C. Concrete Conservation Actions

Action C.1 Recovering and reinstatement of deteriorated dune habitats (planting of Leopoldia gussonei)

Action C.2 In situ and ex situ conservation of plant species typical of dune habitats

Action C.3 Building of pedestrian accesses and paths in order to avoid degradation effects on dune habitats due to foot traffic

Action C.4
Creating enclosures for the protection of dune and inland dune habitats and of the coastal “psammophilous flora” (vegetation living in sandy and salty soils)

Action C.5
Creation of buffer zones separating natural and agricultural areas

Action C.6
Achievement of a demo plan for an ecological agricultural lot with greenhouse

Action C.7
Eradication of extraneous invasive species

30 %

D. Monitoring

Action D.1 Monitoring of species of greatest conservation importance

Action D.2
Monitoring of the demo agricultural lot

Action D.3
Social and economical monitoring

60 %

E. Awareness Raising Campaign and Education

Action E.1 Project’s information and disclosure plan through mass media and creation of a project’s documentary archive

Action E.2 Billboards

Action E.3 Itinerant information counter

Action E.4 Project interactive website

Action E.5 Educational activities with schools

Action E.6 Lessons and workshops about dune habitats

Action E.7 Visit to the target zones

Action E.8 Apprenticeship for farmers

Action E.9 Creation of Leopoldia Mark

Action E.10 Scientific publications and final Layman’s report in Italian, in English and in French

80 %

F. Project Management and General Monitoring

Action F.1 Project Administrative Management

Action F.2 Networking with other Italian and European LIFE Projects about coastal habitats

Action F.3 Delegations’ exchange with other dune sites

Action F.4 Post-LIFE Conservation Plan

Action F.5 Indipendent revision of the Final Contribution Report

70 %

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