Education and Disclosure Activity

The project activities concerning Sustainable Agriculture under Greenhouse will be target of a workshop mainly addressed to students and farmers, who will be informed through flyers and brochures, through specific meetings and through the publication of an appropriate participation announcement.

The themes examined during the workshop will concern:

  • Sustainable agriculture and climate change
  • Comparative analysis of the environmental impact between sustainable and conventional greenhouse cultivations
  • The role of organic substances in the management of a cultivation system under a greenhouse.
  • Energy saving in greenhouses
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of outflows and pollutants
  • Cultivation without soil (Hydroponics)
  • Sustainability and competitiveness in rural areas

Moreover, the Demo Sustainable Greenhouse will be the target of quarterly visits offered to students and the local population, which will be advertised on the project’s web site and in the flyers. The groups, made up of about 50 participants, will be guided by specialists, who will stress on the significant aspects of the management system of sustainable greenhouse, underlining the differences between sustainable and traditional greenhouse, above all in environmental, energetic and economic impact. It will be possible to involve participants in a discussion about strong and weak points, and about eventual alternative strategies for the conduction of the pilot agricultural lot according to eco-compatible techniques.

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