Reduction of Energy Requirement

Energy requirement reduction will follow two complementary strategies:

  • Use of innovative plastic films with high thermal effect for the roofing of greenhouses.
    The peculiarity of these films is their high opacity to infrared radiation, which allows higher minimal temperatures at night than common films, with consequent energy savings due to its limited use of heating systems.
  • Use of a computerized temperature control system inside the greenhouse.
    This system will be specialized in the automated management of air vents and heating or cooling systems (respectively in Winter or in Summer). Temperatures will be controlled through computers. Temperature sensors will be installed in order to notice internal and external temperature, air relative humidity, sun radiations, direction and speed of air flows, and rainfalls levels. These data will be transmitted to a computer that will continuously control values.
    Such an automated system allows an optimal control of the greenhouse microclimate and a limited use of greenhouse heating or cooling plants, with a consequent energetic saving effect.
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