Reduction of Water Consumption

Water consumption will be reduced through:

Hydroponics Cultivation System on Closed-Cycle Substratum

This technique is currently already wide spread in European and Extra-European Countries where greenhouse cultivations are preferred. This system allows limited water consumption and at the same time it guarantees a highly profitable production per surface unity, a superior control of the phytosanitary conditions of the products and of the root apparatus of plants, an efficient use of fertilizers, a better nutritional control of plants and the possibility of rationalizing work and mechanizing cultivation procedures.

This kind of cultivation consists of distributing nourishing substances under the surface (Substratum) through a micro-irrigation system. If the substance is excessive, thanks to this method it can be recovered and redistributed after correcting its electrical conductibility (EC) and PH.

This cycle is defined “closed”, and in comparison with the “open” cycle, it allows a savings of up to 25% of water and 50% – 60% of nourishing substances.

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